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jQuery / JS 社内ルール

jQuery / JS 社内ルール v0.1 2017/05/29 by Shin (shin@accorder.co.jp)


良い例) /js/jquery.js <– jQuery /js/common.js <– 全ページで使う js /js/colorbox/jquery.colorbox.js /js/colorbox/colorbox.css /js/colorbox/colorboxSet.js /js/colorbox/images/border.png /js/colorbox/images/loading.gif 悪い例) /js/jQuery2.2.4/jquery2.2.4.js <– jQueryだけでいいです。他の情報不要です。 /js/common.js <– 全ページで使う js /js/colorbox/jquery.colorbox-min.js <– minは使いません。 /js/colorbox/colorbox-min.css <– minは使いません。 /js/colorbox/colorboxSet.js /images/colorbox/border.png <– jsに入れてください。 /images/colorbox/loading.gif <– jsに入れてください。 /js/jquery.heightLine.js <– directoryの中に入れて下さい。

【dist と src が両方入っている場合】

dist と src が入っているjqueryのライブラリーも多いと思います。 distだけ入れて下さい。 distの中に、minが入っていれば、minではない方を入れてください。

【Google Analyticsのコード】

<!-- Google Analyticsは、ここです -->


functionやif文などを作成するとき、 区切るところが分かりやすくなるよう、以下のように空白スペースを必ず入れてください。

sample1(var_a, var_b)までがセットです。
function sample1(var_a, var_b) {
if(a != b)までがセットです。
if(a != b) {
} else {

コーディング環境 社内ルール [ENG]

Coding rules in company’s environment

Written By Shin (shin@accorder.co.jp) 2016/07/26
Translated by Nissa (nissa@accorder.co.jp) 2016/11/07

File Management

★Before releasing the site:

We use GIT from bitbucket.org https://about.gitlab.com/. If you haven’t register yet, do create your own account. Your ID should start with acc_//your name//.


After that, you can download sourcetree. Both software has almost the same functions. (Download at : https://ja.atlassian.com/software/sourcetree).

Please make sure to create a folder named 【home】 under your local [Working [WEB]], which is already been created. (Keep all the files in home directory so that people can search the data easily.)

アコーダーのHPなら作業中[WEB]> home > accorder.co.jp
★Just before the site has been released:

data_mac_mini01 > 作業中[WEB] > WEB
Transfer the data that was being created at【home】to WEB.

When in comes to coding,
data_mac_mini01 > 作業中[WEB] > WEB

will be uploded in the WEB.
Upload from local is prohibited, this is to ensure that data_mac_mini 01 is up to date.

★After the site has been released:

Delete all local file from GIT since the files is also in data_mac_mini 01. After release, any maintenance can be done in data_mac_mini 01. It does not copy locally so before working on any files, make sure to put the original files at ” data_mac_mini01> Working [WEB]> WEB_DELETED ” for backup.

How to use the test server


This URL will not be given to clients. Hence, it is used to test the developed website to server. The coding must be completed and corrected before testing.

★acc-test.net (or client.acc-test.net):

This URL will be used only after we get the confirmation from the clients. If there are no error in dev.acc-test.net, you may press the sync button and hand it over to the customer.
(Synchronization panel: dev.acc-test.net/home.php)

〘Why do we need to confirm the information?〙

dev can be a problem sometimes due to the screen design and information may change. Therefore, it is prohibited to do coding during customer’s confirmation. It is advised to use “dev.acc-test.net” for internal work and use “acc-test.net” for customer confirmation.

It is prohibited to upload anything from FTP on acc-test.net (client sides). Please upload it to dev and use the sync button. It will sync automatically according to the latest date, in order to prevent acc-test from late updates.